General Chemistry I CHM 1341

and General Chemistry I Laboratory CHM 1141
Summer Semester 1996

The first semester of General Chemistry at U.T. Dallas covers standard topics ranging from balancing chemical equations through elementary Organic Chemistry. Its syllabus for the current semester (summer 1996) describes the structure of the course.

The course Topic Schedule is keyed to the text, Gillespie et al., Atoms, Molecules, and Reactions: An Introduction to Chemistry.

Homework and solutions for homework are available by clicking the underlined words. Similarly, Quiz & Exam Solutions and the Lecture Notes can be browsed.

The instructor for the summer of 1996 is Chris Parr. Dr. Parr is available to students via all of the channels below:

Chris Parr University of Texas at Dallas Programs in Chemistry. Room: Berkner 3.506 P.O. Box 830688 M/S BE2.6 (for snailmail) Richardson, TX 75083-0688
Voice: (214) 883-2485 Fax: (214) 883-2925 BBS: (214) 883-2168 (HST) or -2932 (V.32bis) to 14.4 Kbaud Internet: [email protected] (sends Chris UTD-related e-mail.) [email protected] (sends non-UTD e-mail)
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