Surplus can come to your location and pick up most types of smaller equipment, such as: desktop computers, laptop computers, docking stations, monitors, desktop printers, desktop scanners, desktop copy/fax/print machines, keyboards, mice, speakers, cables, and servers.

To request a pick-up from Surplus, please send an email message to In your message, include a brief description and the asset tag (if applicable) of each item that needs to be picked up. No forms are necessary.

Move and Events

The Move and Events team can pick up larger equipment, such as: furniture, server racks, large copy/fax/print machines, large televisions, and pallets of mixed items (e.g.: computers mixed with furniture).

To request a pick-up from Move and Events, please fill out their UTD Facilities Management Work Request (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ) form and send it to

Frequently Asked Questions

Check or feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Surplus can pick up these items.
Move and Events can pick up these items.