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Undergraduates ProgramsStudent researchers Christine, Omar and Clint are Society of Physics Students members.

Physics Fact Sheet – Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts in Physics
Undergraduate catalog:
Department of Physics BA/BS
Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Advising
It is recommended that all students meet with their academic advisor at least once per semester to discuss degree requirements, course selection, time management, study skills, difficulties with coursework, career opportunities, and personal concerns.  Dr. Lindsay King is the faculty advisor for physics majors.  She would like to meet with all first-semester students, particularly freshman, to welcome you and discuss any questions you may have about the Physics department, the program of studies, or anything else that may concern you.  Upperclassmen are encouraged to see Dr. King one or two more times while working towards their bachelor’s degree.  Her door is usually open and you are welcome to come in any time to discuss any interests or problems you may have.  To be sure she will be there, it would be best to email her for an appointment at [email protected].

Degree Course Matrices (recommended course sequence)

Whether it is individualized tutoring, Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL), Supplemental Instruction (SI), coordinated group study, success coaching, or another approach to improving academic achievement, the Student Success Center  is your portal to educational enhancement and educational success. 

UTeach OptionEarn your physics degree and teaching certification all at the same time through UTeach Dallas.

The UTeach Option may be added to the BA/BS degree in Physics. UTeach Dallas Option degree plans are streamlined to allow students to complete both an undergraduate degree in science or math and all course work for middle or high school teacher certification in four years. Teaching Option degrees require deep content knowledge combined with courses grounded in the latest research on math and science education. While most graduates go on to classroom teaching, UTeach alums are also prepared to enter graduate school and to work in discipline related industry.

BS/MS Fast Track

For students interested in pursuing graduate studies in physics, the Physics Department offers an accelerated BS / MS Fast Track that involves taking graduate courses in lieu of several advanced undergraduate courses.

Acceptance requires a GPA (grade point average) of at least 3.200 on a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of upper-division courses that include PHYS 3411, PHYS 3312, PHYS 3330, PHYS 3416, PHYS 4301 and PHYS 4311.

Eligible students may take up to 15 semester credit hours of selected graduate courses that may be used to complete the baccalaureate degree and also satisfy requirements for the master’s degree. These credits will appear on a transcript as undergraduate course numbers, but will also count towards the UT Dallas Physics MS degree requirements when the student completes the BS degree.

Only organized 5000 and 6000 level, letter-grade courses that can be used for credit towards the MS degree can be used as Fast-Track courses. An organized course is one that is advertised in the schedule for classroom (or online) delivery.

Admission into the Fast Track program provides an automatic acceptance into the UTD Physics Master’s program, and no GREs (Graduate Record Exams) are required. GREs are required for admission into the PhD program, and acceptance is contingent upon the standard application procedure.

To start the registration process, see NSM advising. Permission is also needed from the Associate Dean of NSM, the Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Physics Graduate Department head. Forms must be completed in time to register for the courses in question in accordance with the UTD academic calendar, so please plan accordingly.

For general programmatic information on the Physics Fast Track, see Dr. Jason Slinker ([email protected]), Physics Undergraduate Program Head and Undergraduate Program Advisor. For information on graduate courses, see the instructors of the courses in question, Dr. Chuanwei Zhang, Physics Graduate Program Head, or Phil Anderson, Physics Graduate Program Advisor.

Graduate ProgramsGraduate students conduct research in a wide variety of physics labs at UT Dallas.

Graduate Admissions Pages – MSPhD

The university’s general admission requirements are discussed on the Graduate Admission page.

Graduate catalog:
Department of Physics MS/PhD
Graduate Course Descriptions
18 Characteristics of Texas Public Doctoral Programs

All students must meet their advisors each semester
to determine course prerequisites, course content, enrollment, degree completion, and similar matters. Your MS/PhD Graduate Advisor is Professor Phillip C. Anderson, PhD.