Employee Service Awards

Every fall semester, employees who reached Service Milestones of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years by the preceding August 31 are recognized in a service award ceremony. In a separate event, employees who reach their 25-year service anniversary are inducted into the distinguished Quarter Century Club. For more information, please see the Employee Service Award Program Policy (UTDBP3092) or contact EmployeeRelations@utdallas.edu.

Service Award Gifts · Retirement Gifts · Eligible Service


Quarter Century Club


Is any of this information out of date?

Please let us know: EmployeeRelations@utdallas.edu

James Casey Financial Aid
Kathryn Evans Arts and Humanities
Marilyn Kaplan Management
Xinchou Lou Physics
B Murthi Management
Nigel Nazir Electrical Engineering
Scott Rippel Biological Sciences
Theresa Towner Arts and Humanities
Laurie Ziegler Management


Service Award Gifts

Five year gifts are sent to the Dean or Vice President of your school/division by University Events for distribution. Gifts for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 year recipients are presented during the Annual Service Award Ceremony.

If you retire in the same year that you reach a service milestone, you will be sent a retirement gift instead of a service award gift.


Milestone Gift


Coin bearing the UT Dallas Seal

Presented by the Dean or Vice President of your school/division


Coin medallion with spinner stand

20-Year Paper weight bearing the UT Dallas Seal
Quarter Century Club Laser-engraved plaque bearing the UT Dallas Seal
30-Year Coaster set bearing the UT Dallas Seal
40-Year Clock bearing the UT Dallas Seal
50-Year Watch bearing the UT Dallas Seal on its face


Retirement Gifts

Human Resources provides University Events with a list of new retirees at the end of each month. University Events mails standardized gifts to retirees in recognition their service. A “retiree” is defined by the UT System Office of Employee Benefits.

If you retire in the same year that you reach a service milestone, you will be sent a retirement gift instead of a service award gift.


FY2019 [Fiscal Year 2019] Service Milestones


Lisa Adams Military and Veteran Center
Athena Alimirzaei Management
Kelly Aman Mathematical Sciences
Semiramis Amirpour Management
William Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Maxim Arnold Mathematical Sciences
Barbara Baker Arts and Humanities
Olivia Banner Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication
Nancy Barganier Financial Mgmt Services
Rachel Berglund Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Britt Berrett Management
Christina Betanzos Management
Bryan Black Bioengineering
Nathaniel Bleker Medical Devices
Moran Blueshtein Management
Lindsey Boeshans Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Robert Booth Facilities Management
Paul Bottoni Communications
Demetric Bowers Callier Center Communication
Stefanie Boyd Biological Sciences
Vivian Brockwell Vital Longevity
Celeste Burnett Human Resources
Rhonda Bush Executive Education
Brant Butters Enrollment Services
Jacqueline Camargo Management
Shawn Carraher Management
Emiliano Carrion Facilities Management
Delia Castillo-Arellano Student Development
John Castles Facilities Management
Rebecca Cedillo Medical Devices
James Cheatham Electrical Engineering
Min Chen Mathematical Sciences
Michelle Chin Honors College
Jimmy Clark III Electrical Engineering
Stuart Cogan Bioengineering
Melonie Corley Development & Alumni Relations
Caleb Culver Enrollment Management
Anthony Cummings Economic Political and Policy
Angela Dees Environmental Health & Safety
Daniel Delgado Student Union
Nikki Delk Biological Sciences
Keith Dickinson Management
Susan Drake Management
Kanute Drugan Athletics
Gregory Dussor Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Morgan-Brooke Eddy Enrollment Management
Scott Erickson Research
Alexandra Ewing New Student Programs
Cynthia Ferguson Callier Center Communication
Somer Fernandez University Police
Ann Majewicz Fey Mechanical Engineering
Robert Fishbein VP Facilities and Econ Dev
Eva Flores Parking & Transportation Srvcs
Jennifer Fowler Development & Alumni Relations
Rocio Gallo Coronado Research
John Gamino Management
Yulia Gel Mathematical Sciences
Christopher Giles Information Security
Janece Glauser Arts and Humanities
Travis Goode University Library
Amanda Goodwin Academic Affairs and Provost
Christopher Gormley University Recreation
Candice Graning Financial Aid
Dane Grasse Medical Devices
Neeraj Gupta Computer Science
Thomas Hayden Office of the Registrar
Cassandra Hennigan-Williams Audit
Jeanette Henriques Executive Education
Maria Hernandez-Contreras Computer Science
Kelli Hickey Student Success Center
Kimberly Hill Arts and Humanities
Shalonda Hill Management
Katelyn Hinds CBH BPI
Kimberly Horner Communications
Nathaniel Howe Information Security
Hristo Hristov NS&M Deans Office
Steven Hughes Executive Education
Fiona Hunter Management
Naser Islam Management
Xiaogang Ji Office Information Technology
Elliott Joe Student Success Center
Maria Johnson CBH BPI
Marc Johnson Communications
Cynthia Johnson Learning Technologies
Katie Johnson Print Shop
Nancy Joseph Human Resources
Alexandra Joshi Imre Engineering Innovation
Kelly Kaar Management
Heidi Kane Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Michael Kesden Physics
Heidi Kessell EOD Institute for Art History
Bernine Khan NS&M Deans Office
Soudeh Khoubrouy Bioengineering
Tae Hoon Kim Biological Sciences
Pamela Kirkland Science/Math Education
Frank Koss Office Information Technology
Sarah Ku International Center
Eva LaDow Honors College
Atanu Lahiri Management
Kenneth Landefeld Comet Card Office
Don Laws Electrical Engineering
Julia Lawshae Development & Alumni Relations
Khiem Le Computer Science
Tracy Lederer Accounting & Financial Rept
Angela Lee Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication
Shahal Levine Management
Yi Li Bioengineering
Dong Li Economic Political and Policy
Changsong Li Mathematical Sciences
Cong Liu Computer Science
Casey Lloyd Housing Operations
Yifei Lou Mathematical Sciences
Lloyd Lumata Physics
Thuy Luong Undergraduate Education
Paula Lupeituu Office Information Technology
Liping Ma Management
Mohammad Mahdavi System Engineering
Oleg Makarenkov Mathematical Sciences
Jeneillann Manderscheid Callier Center Communication
Mark Mankey Space Sciences
Andrian Marcus Computer Science
Gregory McCandless Chemistry
Galo Mejia Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Clark Meyer Bioengineering
Toyah Miller Management
Kimberly Moran Callier Center Communication
Marna Morland University Library
Derege Mussa Mathematical Sciences
Mohammad Naseri Taheri Management
Cindy Nghe Research
Alan Nguyen Office Information Technology
Christina Nielsen Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication
Mehra N. Borazjany Computer Science
Jodelle Oakley Callier Center Communication
Tomoki Ohsawa Mathematical Sciences
Deirdre O'Neill-Warren CBH BPI
Daniel Pacheco Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Joe Pacheco Bioengineering
Parneet Pahwa Management
Jing Pan Biological Sciences
Nimanka Panapitiya Chemistry
Travis Parker Intercultural Programs
Leslie Parks Development & Alumni Relations
Ahnna Peavey Interdisciplinary Studies
Cynthia Percival University Police
Luis Felipe Pereira Mathematical Sciences
Cristian Perez Callier Center Communication
Stephen Perkins Computer Science
Kenneth Perkins Research
Alyssa Phillips Enrollment Management
Mariah Phipps Environmental Health & Safety
Julie Piccirillo Development & Alumni Relations
Amy Pinkham Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Michelle Plauche Enrollment Management
Theodore Price Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Anyan Qi Management
Daniel Rajaratnam Management
Lindsay Reese CBH BPI
Shawn Roberts Procurement Management
Ariel Robins VP Facilities and Econ Dev
David Robinson Community Engagement
Kevin Rogers Electrical Engineering
Erin Rohde CBH Chapman
Deja Rollins Student Media
Mario Romero-Ortega Bioengineering
Stephen Rooney University Police
Gil Sadka Management
Linda Salisbury Arts and Humanities
Phillip Samuels Debate
Brooke Schafer Graduate Education
Marietta Schell Facilities Management
David Schmidtke Bioengineering
Andrew Scott Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication
Tony Seagroves Undergraduate Education
William Semper Computer Science
Melani Sherbet Military and Veteran Center
Rachel Shockey Development & Alumni Relations
Vishnoukumaar Sivaji Bioengineering
Jason Smith Computer Science
Lori Snitzer Management
Gregory Sparks Research
Rachel Spataro Computer Science
Jeanne Spreier Management
Rebeka Stafford Central Business Office
Susan Stake Enrollment Services
Jacqueline Steiner University Police
Renee Stone Information Security
Melody Tisbe Facilities Management
Kuei Sun Physics
William Sword Enrollment Services
Kui Tan Material Science Engineering
Shaojie Tang Management
Allison Templeton Arts and Humanities
Patricia Totusek Arts and Humanities
Brent Tourangeau University Police
Robert Tracy Communications
Anh Tran Mathematical Sciences
Christopher Trevino Arts and Humanities
Shelly Turner Student Counseling Center
Rano Uzakova University Police
Don Vogel Computer Science
Christian Von Drathen Management
Brice Wade University Police
Angela Watson Housing Operations
Scott Weldon Office Information Technology
Briana Wetterskog Research
Ladeca White Callier Center Communication
Anissa Williams Compliance
Robert Willoughby Research
Tiffany Willoughby Research
James Willson Computer Science
Shayla Wilson Callier Center Communication
Bradly Woody Research
Brennae Wright Development & Alumni Relations
Mark Yeh Management
Kate York Science/Math Education
May Yuan Economic Political and Policy
Nurcan Yuruk Computer Science
Lingming Zhang Computer Science
Jieying Zhang Management
Zhe Zhang Management
Fan Zhang Physics

Betsy Albritton Economic Political and Policy
Jose Alvarez Facilities Management
Lawrence Amato Arts and Humanities
Rodney Andrews Economic Political and Policy
Cristian Aquino VP Facilities and Econ Dev
Habib Loriot-Bettaieb Development & Alumni Relations
Catherine Bourne Residential Life
Nancy Bouton Management
Melissa Bresnahan Management
Cally Britten Financial Aid
Teresa Brooks Communications
Matthew Brown Arts and Humanities
Deborah Buckner International Center
Maria Cubie Learning Technologies
Denis Dean Economic Political and Policy
George DeCourcy Management
Andrea Diaz International Center
Jill Duquaine-Watson Interdisciplinary Studies
Stephanie Durant Arts and Humanities
Christopher Edwards University Library
Anatoly Eydelzon Mathematical Sciences
Eric Farrar Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication
Kathryn Farrell Residential Life
Keith Ferguson Facilities Management
Rebecca Files Management
Susan Fisher University Library
Marco Antonio Galindo Contreras Facilities Management
Billy Gammons Science/Math Education
Chinweolu Greer Arts and Humanities
Tonya Griffin Material Science Engineering
Dennis Guten Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Leigh Hausman VP Budget & Finance
Suzanne Head Research
Thomas Henderson Management
Robert Hopkins Internal Audit
Kristine Imherr Mcgonigle Management
Connie Imhof Executive Education
Ganesh Janakiraman Management
Michael Kahler Athletics
Timothy Kennedy Learning Technologies
Carie King Arts and Humanities
Julia Kinkade Procurement Management
Kelly Kinnard Facilities Management
Stephen Kiser Management
Wieslaw Krawcewicz Mathematical Sciences
Donna Kuchinski Analog Center
K Matthew Lanty Facilities Management
Jung Lee Electrical Engineering
Tineil Lewis Student Organization Center
Daniel Long New Student Programs
Dong Mei Ma Biological Sciences
Sharon Mathews Callier Center Communication
Melissa Maxey Electrical Engineering
Christopher McAlpine University Recreation
Banks Miller Economic Political and Policy
James Mogg Financial Mgmt Services
Kathryn Monath Student Affairs
Denice Myers CBH Chapman
Dennis Nguyen Learning Technologies
Alvino Nunez Facilities Management
Kenneth O Electrical Engineering
Ali Ozer Management
Madison Pedigo Management
Juan Perez Callier Center Communication
Yanping Qin Chemistry
Rachna Raman Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Slavko Ravlija University Library
Robert Rennaker Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Jeanne Rintelmann CBH Chapman
Brett Roby Auxiliary Services
Luis Rodriguez Facilities Management
Julie Rooney Public Affairs
Mark Rosen Arts and Humanities
Mario Rotea Mechanical Engineering
Stacey Rotunno University Police
Christopher Ryan Arts and Humanities
Meghna Sabharwal Economic Political and Policy
Noah Sasson Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Cynthia Seton-Rogers Ackerman Center
Mary Severs Callier Center Communication
Rajiv Shah Management
Lisa Shatz Management
Loren Smith Enrollment Management
Jonathan Spencer Space Sciences
Uma Srikanth Biological Sciences
Donald Stephens Inventory And Surplus Control
David Stimson Material Science Engineering
Upender Subramanian Management
Donggyu Sul Economic Political and Policy
Shirley Taylor Callier Center Communication
Robert Taylor Receiving and Mail
Jennifer Tuttle Enrollment Services
Jeyakesavan Veerasamy Computer Science
Chelsea Villareal Dean of Students
Amy Walker Material Science Engineering
Diane Walsh Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Sumudu Wijenayake Chemistry
Lashun Williams Bursar Office
Michelle Wilson Biological Sciences
Timothy Woodbridge OIT - Systems & Operations
Gene Woten Engineering & Computer Science
Gabriel Yeamans Student Counseling Center
Adam Younger Engineering & Computer Science

Leah Barfield Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Esthela Beltran Science/Math Education
Kimberly Bomnskie Financial Aid
Misty Boyd University Police
Richard Brettell EOD Institute for Art History
Jorge Cobb Computer Science
Lucinda Dean Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Linda Dephillips University Library
Deborah Dickinson Executive Education
Gregg Dieckmann Chemistry
Arthur Gregg Multicultural Center
Michele Hanlon Arts and Humanities
Jennifer Holmes Economic Political and Policy
Stephanie Isham University Library
Judy Jones Management
Molly Keebler CBH Chapman
Robert Kieschnick Management
Michael Kilgard Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Matthew Kratz Logistics And Distribution
Nanda Kumar Management
Jim McConnell Science/Math Education
George McDonald Chemistry
Adrienne McLean Arts and Humanities
Jady Neal University Library
Thi Nguyen Human Resources
Aria Nosratinia Electrical Engineering
Mehrdad Nourani Electrical Engineering
Suresh Radhakrishnan Management
Srinivasan Raghunathan Management
Bobby Rambo Enrollment Management
Carolyn Reichert Management
Avanti Sethi Management
Andrea Stigdon Strategic Planning & Analysis
Melissa Sweeney Callier Center Communication
Rosa Thompson Academic Affairs and Provost
Jose Torres Office Information Technology
Merry Trujillo University Library
Eric Welgehausen Undergraduate Education
Diane West Executive Education
Dian Zhou Electrical Engineering

Peter Assmann Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Charles Bambach Arts and Humanities
Christy Baxter Procurement Management
Barbara Boyd Enrollment Services
Lynn Butler Student Success Center
Michael Choate Career Center
Bron Clayton Facilities Management
Simon Fass Economic Political and Policy
Kamran Kiasaleh Electrical Engineering
Steven Lyles Facilities Management
Alice O'Toole Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Lawrence Overzet Electrical Engineering
Donise Pearson Callier Center Communication
David Springate Management
Marianne Stewart Economic Political and Policy
Cindy Sutton Research
Keith Swaim Space Sciences
Subbarayan Venkatesan Computer Science
Gloria Vik University Library

William Coley Space Sciences
Dennis Kratz Arts and Humanities
Robert Rodriguez Arts and Humanities

Robert Stillman Behavioral And Brain Sciences

Is any of this information out of date?

Please let us know: EmployeeRelations@utdallas.edu


Eligible Service


  1. UT Dallas service as a staff, faculty or research/teaching assistant of 0.25 FTE [Full-Time Equivalent] or greater for at least 4 ½ months.* [Research/Teaching Assistants and Visiting Professors may received credit for time worked; See #3.]
  2. A nine-month faculty appointment would constitute one year of service.
  3. *Research/Teaching Assistants (RA/TA [Research/Teaching Assistants] ) and Visiting Professors will receive credit for time worked if they are hired into a regular position and worked both semesters in the fiscal year in which they were an RA/TA [Research/Teaching Assistants] or Visiting Professor.
  4. A leave of absence (LOA [Leave of Absence] ) will not count against time worked unless the employee was out more than six (6) consecutive months.
  5. Lecturers in a “temp” status will receive service credit if teaching in both semesters of the academic year at a 0.25 FTE [Full-Time Equivalent] or greater.
  6. Breaks in service are combined to calculate total service credit (i.e.: a service period of 1970-1974 and 1980-1986 would equal 10 years of service).


  • Service performed as casual labor or temporary non-benefits eligible employee.
  • Service as a student employee.
  • Service with any other agency of the State of Texas.
  • Service with any other component institution in the University of Texas System.