Employee Service Awards

Every fall semester, employees who reached Service Milestones of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years by the preceding August 31 are recognized in a service award ceremony. In a separate event, employees who reach their 25-year service anniversary are inducted into the distinguished Quarter Century Club. For more information, please see the Employee Service Award Program Policy (UTDBP3092) or contact EmployeeRelations@utdallas.edu.

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional Service Award Ceremony will not take place in 2020. Service award gifts will be sent to each VP/Dean for distribution to faculty and staff who have reached service milestones during Fiscal Year 2020.

Service Award Gifts · Retirement Gifts · Eligible Service


Quarter Century Club


Is any of this information out of date?

Please let us know: EmployeeRelations@utdallas.edu

Lorre Antoine NS&M Deans Office
Daniel Calhoun University Police
Lawrence Chung Computer Science
Pamela Gossin Arts and Humanities
Janie Jury Texas Schools Project
Greg Metz Arts and Humanities
Jose Ortiz Facilities Management
John Pomara Arts and Humanities
Ignacio Pujana Geosciences
Pamela Rollins Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Monica Saba Arts and Humanities


Service Award Gifts

Five year gifts are sent to the Dean or Vice President of your school/division by University Events for distribution. Gifts for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 year recipients are presented during the Annual Service Award Ceremony.

If you retire in the same year that you reach a service milestone, you will be sent a retirement gift instead of a service award gift.


Milestone Gift


Coin bearing the UT Dallas Seal

Presented by the Dean or Vice President of your school/division


Coin medallion with spinner stand

20-Year Paper weight bearing the UT Dallas Seal
Quarter Century Club Laser-engraved plaque bearing the UT Dallas Seal
30-Year Coaster set bearing the UT Dallas Seal
40-Year Clock bearing the UT Dallas Seal
50-Year Watch bearing the UT Dallas Seal on its face


Retirement Gifts

Human Resources provides University Events with a list of new retirees at the end of each month. University Events mails standardized gifts to retirees in recognition their service. A “retiree” is defined by the UT System Office of Employee Benefits.

If you retire in the same year that you reach a service milestone, you will be sent a retirement gift instead of a service award gift.


FY2020 [Fiscal Year 2020] Service Milestones


Nimali Abeykoon Chemistry
Anani Komla Adabrah Mathematical Sciences
Suman Adhikari Office Information Technology
Brett Alexander Facilities Management
Ellen Ammons Human Resources
Brandon Anderson Management
Gordon Arnold Computer Science
Sara Asberry Student Wellness Center
Stacy Bailey Procurement Management
Veera Balusu Shared Services
Benjamin Batchelor Chemistry
Erick Bauman Computer Science
Aaron Beaudrie Enrollment Services
Robert Bogardus Athletics
Brandon Brown Arts and Humanities
Prashant Buck Electrical Engineering
xtine burrough Arts Tech And Comm
Michael Burton Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Andrew Calvert Callier Center Communication
Zachary Campbell Biological Sciences
Cynthia Carcamo Callier Center Communication
Rebecca Carter Arts and Humanities
Micaela Chan Vital Longevity
Sruthi Chappidi Computer Science
Jocelyn Chebbour University Library
Ruth Chen Shared Services
Yun-Ju Chen Space Sciences
Bei Chen Arts and Humanities
Anjum Chida Computer Science
Wun Chiou Research
Umberto Ciri Mechanical Engineering
Jami Clinton Athletics
Stuart Cogan Bioengineering
Emlyn Cong University Library
Carina Corsiga University Library
Wade Crowder Arts and Humanities
Sarah Crowe Management
Scott Crues Central Business Office
Rabin Dahal Mathematical Sciences
Dan-Hong Dang University Police
Luis Dantan Bursar
Sheena D'Arcy Chemistry
Jennifer De Leon Management
Christopher Decker Facilities Management
Neetha Devdas Honors College
Paul Diehl Teaching Center
Dushanthi Dissanayake Chemistry
Karen Doore Computer Science
Vito D'Orazio Economic Political and Policy
Brian Dourty Office Information Technology
Butch Edge Athletics
Tanisha Edwards ECS Student Services
Danielle Elliott Mechanical Engineering
Andrea Ervin Office of the Registrar
Dani Fadda Mechanical Engineering
Shahrukh Farooq Institute for Urban Policy
Crystal Favors ECS Student Services
Hilary Freeman Undergraduate Education
Trevor Frenzel Engineering & Computer Science
Jennifer Fry Management
Anthony Gallina Office of the Registrar
Seth Giertz Economic Political and Policy
Dresden Goldberg Management
Richard Goodrum Computer Science
Srinivas Gowrisanker Research
Andrew Grant Central Business Office
Rosalyn Green McDermott Student Programs
Mona Gregory Arts and Humanities
Lorraine Groll Executive Education
Kahawatte Gedara Gunawardhana Chemistry
Vinita Hajeri Science/Math Education
Larry Hall Procurement Management
Audrey Hammack Chemistry
Jocyln Hanson Arts and Humanities
Syeda Haque Office of the Registrar
Ilisa Hare Callier Center Communication
William Hefley Management
Jessica Heimbuch Communications
Sharon Hewitt Arts Tech And Comm
Shelby Hibbs Arts and Humanities
Jillian Hill CBH BPI
Erin Horne CBH Filbey
Angela Howard Management
Kenneth Hoyt Bioengineering
Jennifer Hudson Interdisciplinary Studies
Katherine Huser Space Sciences
Richard Innis Vital Longevity
Giacomo Valerio Iungo Mechanical Engineering
Melissa Johnson Arts and Humanities
Kendrick Johnson University Police
Casey Johnson Arts Tech And Comm
Katy Jordan Honors College
Chamaal Karunaweera Chemistry
Wendi Kavanaugh Honors College
Joselle Kehoe Mathematical Sciences
Amir Khoobroo Electrical Engineering
Yeunhee Kim Research
Jeanna Kirk Undergraduate Education
Pamela Kitchens Arts Tech And Comm
Matthew Knapp Office Information Technology
Dominic Kollasch McDermott Student Programs
Sarah Kozlowski EOD Institute for Art History
Denyse Kritschgau-Carpio Management
Brooke Lace Management
Hunter Landry University Police
Eun Ah Lee Arts and Humanities
Ana Lemons Development & Alumni Relations
Sean Lenox Modeling and Simulation
Colleen LePrell Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Paul Lester Arts Tech And Comm
San-Jao Lin Accounting & Financial Rept
Edward Lobarinas Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Bing Lv Physics
Beth Mahan Mechanical Engineering
Armando Maldonado Space Sciences
Arif Malik Mechanical Engineering
Kurt Mansor Engineering & Computer Science
Jeffrey Manzi Management
Leonel Martinez Facilities Management
Irina Martynova Mathematical Sciences
Crystal Matthews Financial Aid
Joseph Mauriello Management
Kelli McDowell Payroll
Elizabeth McLean Executive Education
Edward Meda Management
Sherry Mehring Research
Iti Mehta Biological Sciences
Gabriele Meloni Chemistry
Oralia Mendez Diversity
Jessica Mendoza Callier Center Communication
Sara Metz Financial Aid
William Midyette Computer Science
William Mikesell Student Organization Center
Lee Milazzo University Library
Carolyn Miller Communications
Twyla Mills Callier Center Communication
Jeffrey Miranda Arts and Humanities
Seyed Omid Reza Moheimani System Engineering
Naghmeh Monjazeb Accounting & Financial Rept
Faruck Morcos Biological Sciences
Stephanie Myers Management
Kathleen Myers Bioengineering
Anurag Nagar Computer Science
Vikram Nanda Management
Archie Nettles Development & Alumni Relations
Xuhui Ning Chemistry
John Norwood Mathematical Sciences
Mehra Nouroz Borazjany Computer Science
Marcos Ortega University Library
Paul Overbey Enrollment Management
Sean Owens Management
Naim Bugra Ozel Management
Sandra Pacyna Management
Samitha Panangala Chemistry
Joseph Pancrazio Office of the President
Alexios Papadimitratos Nanotech Institute
Ryan Pettengill Arts and Humanities
James Pharr Research
Teresa Pool Executive Education
Michelle Posamentier Computer Science
Danielle Powers Office of the Registrar
David Pruitt Medical Devices
Shuo Qin Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Zhenpeng Qin Mechanical Engineering
Fatima Raad Management
Tahrima Rahman Computer Science
Benjamin Raichel Computer Science
Brenda Rains System Engineering
Rasoul Ramezani Management
Christopher Rash Research
Ashley Rash Enrollment Management
Dwight Rathmell Facilities Management
Beverly Reed Center for Teaching and Learning
Debra Richardson Management
Michelle Rinehart Research
Holly Rio Management
Alejandro Rivera Mesias Management
Bonnie Robinson Center for Brain Health
Norma Rodriguez Management
Mary Rogers Electrical Engineering
Annette Rogers VP and Chief of Staff
Nikitha Rogers Callier Center Communication
Phillip Roth Communications
Nicholas Ruozzi Computer Science
Katherine Russo Intercultural Programs
Kevin Saberre Fraternity & Sorority Life
Elmer Salazar Computer Science
Erin Schrader Student Counseling Center
Tony Seagroves Undergraduate Education
Jamie Selander Management
Gloria Shenoy Academic Affairs and Provost
Xiaoyan Shi Physics
William Shugart Enrollment Management
Maria Simplicio Computer Science
Serdar Simsek Management
Shashank Sirsi Bioengineering
Bradley Skiles Office Information Technology
Colen Skinner Housing Operations
Nassim Sohaee Management
Cynthia Sorto Community Engagement
Pamela Stanley Auxiliary Services
Kyle Steadham Management
Tyler Summers Mechanical Engineering
Julie Sutton Mathematical Sciences
Shaoheng Tang Chemistry
Jennifer Territo CBH BPI
Sampreetha Thampy Materials Science Engineering
Hieu Ton Office of the Registrar
Tyler Tornblom Student Organization Center
Donald Treter NS&M Deans Office
Monroe Turner CBH Spence
Victor Valcarcel Economic Political and Policy
Sarah Valente Arts and Humanities
Shelby Vincent Translation Center
Elpida Vouitsis EOD Institute for Art History
Qingxiao Wang Materials Science Engineering
Bih-Yueh Wey Interdisciplinary Studies
Tristan Whalen Mathematical Sciences
Milana White Office of the Registrar
Kathy Williams Callier Center Communication
Matthew Winser-Johns Galerstein Gender Center
Patrick Winter Bioengineering
Dawn Wolf Callier Center Communication
Sarah Wood Engineering & Computer Science
Elizabeth Woodlee Mechanical Engineering
Carmen Wright Facilities Management
Ben Wright Arts and Humanities
Zhiyang Xia Space Sciences
Chong Xiao Management
Jonghae Youn Mechanical Engineering
Jie Zhang Mechanical Engineering
Hejun Zhu Geosciences

Bruce Albert Research
Adriana Baird Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Judy Barnes Development & Alumni Relations
Sandy Beisel Office of the Registrar
Christine Belcher Management
Octavia Benson Callier Center Communication
Bela Bhatia Vital Longevity
Leonidas Bleris Bioengineering
Debra Boss Procurement Management
Judd Bradbury Management
Bruce Braley University Police
Courtney Brecheen Undergraduate Education
Kenneth Brewer Arts and Humanities
Michael Brown Office of the Registrar
Czarina Cando Communications
Ebru Cankaya Computer Science
Vicki Carlisle Academic Affairs and Provost
Michael Carriaga Academic Affairs and Provost
Jessica Carter Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Gail Cepak CBH Community Relations
Denise Cooper Communications
Timothy Culver Computer Science
Mirsad Dautovic University Library
Leiane Davis Student Affairs
Lora Day Interdisciplinary Studies
Molly Dickinson Arts Tech And Comm
Katherine Donaldson Science/Math Education
Kyong Edwards Geosciences
Naomi Emmett Engineering & Computer Science
Manjula Foley Mathematical Sciences
Joanna Fowler Management
Sara Foxworthy Enrollment Services
Janice Gebhard Auxiliary Services
Lev Gelb Materials Science Engineering
Magalena Grohman Arts and Humanities
Fatemeh Hassanipour Mechanical Engineering
Douglas Hyde Computer Science
Jene Janich Procurement Management
Hui Jiang Shared Services
Jennifer Johnson Management
Brooke Johnson University Library
Bhanu Kapoor Computer Science
Clemens Kathman Office Information Technology
Jackie Kimzey Management
Lauren Ashley Kobee International Center
Janet Koslovsky CBH Chapman
Sven Kroener Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Carol Cirulli Lanham Sociology
David Lary Physics
Emily Lenart Donaldson Computer Science
Hongbing Lu Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Maxwell Economic Political and Policy
Priscilla Mayberry University Police
Kevin McDowell Facilities Management
Amanda Moilan Engineering & Computer Science
Maria Morris Research
Jessica Murphy Undergraduate Education
Saniya Naheed Student Health Center
Rebecca Newcomb Graduate Education
Mylinh Nguyen Mathematical Sciences
Georgetta Oliver NS&M Deans Office
Marcy Palmer Arts and Humanities
Clark Palomino Inventory And Surplus Control
Shanon Patrick Development & Alumni Relations
David Patterson Arts and Humanities
Jonathan Ploski Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Todd Polk Bioengineering
Otto Polk Criminology and Sociology
Ruben Ramirez Biological Sciences
Kendall Reeves Physics
Chris Rench Print Shop
Helen Roth Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Alfonso Ruiz University Recreation
Ashfia Salemin Galerstein Gender Center
Noah Sasson Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Amanda Saucedo Student Affairs
Chih-Hsin Shen Office Information Technology
Rocky Shen Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Hisashi Shichijo Analog Center
Harpreet Singh Management
Heidi Smith Strategic Planning & Analysis
Sabrina Starnaman Arts and Humanities
Deborah Stephens Management
David Taylor Physics
Catarino Tello Facilities Management
Emily Touchstone Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Daniel Tran Chemistry
Andrea Turcatti Engineering & Computer Science
Marlo Walker Student Health Center
Rhonda Walls Computer Science
John Walls Communications
Rodney Wetterskog Engineering & Computer Science
Mary Bivens White Athletics
Jacqueline Womble Facilities Management
Mark Wright Facilities Management
Melissa Wyder Science/Math Education
Zhenyu Xuan Biological Sciences
Xiaohong Yang Center for Asian Studies
Mengxiao Yu Chemistry
David Zacharias University Police
Djahangir Zakhidov Modeling and Simulation
Michael Zhang Biological Sciences

Nicolas Argueta Facilities Management
Jillianne Brandenberg University Police
Alison Bratton Research
Sheila Davis Fleming Procurement Management
Candace Dominick Engineering & Computer Science
Douglas Dow Honors College
Yolande Evans Student Transition Initiatives
Qin Fang Educational Technology Service
Soliana Ghirmai Academic Bridge Program
Matthew Goeckner NS&M Deans Office
Shella Hayes Office of the Registrar
Elizabeth Hernandez Callier Center Communication
Jason Jue Computer Science
Jin Liu Electrical Engineering
Jose Lopez Facilities Management
Tzu-Fang Lou Biological Sciences
Kevin Masten Facilities Management
John Mcconnell Electrical Engineering
Brian McElroy Information Security
Kelly Mckinney Research
Jeannine Murphy Office Information Technology
Aria Nosratinia Electrical Engineering
Mehrdad Nourani Electrical Engineering
Renee Phillips Student Health Center
Audette Rackley CBH Chapman
Alexey Root Interdisciplinary Studies
Felicity Sale Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Mohammad Saquib Electrical Engineering
Susan Scott Management
Desta Seifu Academic Bridge Program
Randy Sims NS&M Deans Office
Jamie Speight Mathematical Sciences
Marco Tacca Electrical Engineering
Kerry Tate Student AccessAbility
Murat Torlak Electrical Engineering
Rebecca Wiser Management
Kang Zhang Computer Science

Herve Abdi Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Erich Anderson Office Information Technology
Lakshman Tamil Electrical & Computer Engineering
Maria Teniente Callier Center Communication
Marilyn Waligore Arts and Humanities

Rockford Draper Biological Sciences
Karen Kaplan Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Janice Lougeay Behavioral And Brain Sciences
Simeon Ntafos Computer Science
Karen Prager Interdisciplinary Studies

Is any of this information out of date?

Please let us know: EmployeeRelations@utdallas.edu


Eligible Service


  1. UT Dallas service as a staff, faculty or research/teaching assistant of 0.25 FTE [Full-Time Equivalent] or greater for at least 4 ½ months.* [Research/Teaching Assistants and Visiting Professors may received credit for time worked; See #3.]
  2. A nine-month faculty appointment would constitute one year of service.
  3. *Research/Teaching Assistants (RA/TA [Research/Teaching Assistants] ) and Visiting Professors will receive credit for time worked if they are hired into a regular position and worked both semesters in the fiscal year in which they were an RA/TA [Research/Teaching Assistants] or Visiting Professor.
  4. A leave of absence (LOA [Leave of Absence] ) will not count against time worked unless the employee was out more than six (6) consecutive months.
  5. Lecturers in a “temp” status will receive service credit if teaching in both semesters of the academic year at a 0.25 FTE [Full-Time Equivalent] or greater.
  6. Breaks in service are combined to calculate total service credit (i.e.: a service period of 1970-1974 and 1980-1986 would equal 10 years of service).


  • Service performed as casual labor or temporary non-benefits eligible employee.
  • Service as a student employee.
  • Service with any other agency of the State of Texas.
  • Service with any other component institution in the University of Texas System.