Professional Standards & Competencies

Service Excellence is the foundation from which we build success.

Combined with a high degree of technical competency, consistently demonstrates a commitment to service excellence by initiating creative ways to develop and nurture a service oriented culture at UT Dallas. Shows an outstanding ability to anticipate and identify the needs of others and takes action to find the most efficient and effective way to meet or exceed expectations. Is consistently positive, respectful, and courteous in dealing with students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors/guests, and takes ownership of customers’ needs; following through until the best solutions are found and successfully implemented.

The standard of Service Excellence for a member of the UT Dallas Human Resources team embodies the development and mastery of the following competencies:

Expertise as a Human Resource Professional

The ability to effectively apply the principles and best practices of the HR profession to contribute and add value to the success of UTD and its faculty, staff, and students. Uses proven HR tools to provide sound advice and leadership through analysis of issues to anticipate and address the needs of the campus community. Supports and leads diversity and inclusion efforts to build and retain a progressive and talented workforce and establish UTD as an employer of choice. Actively engages in continuing education to act in the best interest of the university and its employees.

Strategic Collaboration

As a strategic business partner, collaborates with schools, divisions and departments to create effective partnerships which bring solutions to immediate challenges while laying the foundation for implementing future initiatives. Ensures that HR remains open to new approaches, ideas, and concepts that will better serve the campus community by maximizing effectiveness of resources, enabling new opportunities, and aiming for the ultimate goal of becoming a Tier I University.

Change Advocacy

Supports the University at all levels to thoughtfully and strategically implement change. Assists departments in implementing change by building a shared, agreed-upon understanding of the change method and goal, and ensuring the change is implemented in an appropriate manner. Develops tools and resources for the implementation process and for effectively communicating the change to all key stakeholders. Proactively manages change by anticipating future challenges/barriers and approaching resolutions in a positive and effective manner that displays respect and appreciation of colleagues.


Demonstrates personal and professional integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness in all interactions, modeling the highest moral and ethical principles as a representative of the UTD HR team. Acts in a professional and respectful manner in all situations and maintains confidential information to the extent possible. Appropriately advocates on behalf of the employee and/or institution in the spirit of equity and fairness. Keeps commitments and does not misrepresent the university, human resources or themselves. Abides by the SHRM Code of Ethical and Professional Standards.


Proactively manages and resolves issues by seizing the opportunity to provide and seek out thorough feedback in consideration of the “big picture” and not just the issue at hand by practicing the concepts of completed staff work. Provides value to the service experience by doing more than what is required by exceeding customer expectations, and actively seeks guidance, clarity, knowledge, and direction when completing unfamiliar tasks through research and a desire to learn and succeed in professional growth opportunities.

The HR professional standards and competencies are included in the annual performance appraisal process.