Vendor Management is responsible for creating, updating and verifying suppliers while adhering to the policies and procedures set forth by the University. Our new supplier portal, PaymentWorks, automates the vendor onboarding and update process.

UTD Suppliers should refer to Supplier Self-Service for additional information about PaymentWorks.

Before submitting a request for a new supplier, you should check on whether the supplier already exists within the system and their current status.

The Supplier Search in eProcurement Job Aid outlines how to search for a supplier and interpret the results.

Inactive suppliers

A supplier can be inactive for a number of reasons:

  • The supplier was Inactivated after 2 years of no activity.
  • The supplier is on hold with a list that UTD monitors.
    • State Hold on Suppliers
      • The State of Texas puts suppliers on hold and it will make the supplier inactive until the vendor resolves their issues with State Comptroller. Texas Government Code 403.055 prohibits a state agency from issuing payment to an individual or business that is indebted to the State of Texas. Once the University is aware the Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) is on “payment hold” status at the State Comptroller’s office, UT Dallas as a state agency is unable to complete the order until the vendor is no longer on hold. The supplier will need to contact the State Comptroller’s Office at (800) 531-5441 ext. 34561 for further details on the hold status. When the matter has been resolved, UT Dallas can continue business as usual.
  • The supplier does not accept purchase orders.
  • The supplier is determined to not meet processing qualifications or are no longer needed as a vendor.

If the supplier is inactive, please email [email protected] so that we may help determine why the supplier was inactive and advise on the next steps.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Supplier Naming Standards

The formatting of supplier names indicates whether the supplier is an employee, student or external supplier. Non-employees are listed with the first name first and in mixed cases as shown below. Employees are in mixed cases with the last name first. External suppliers are always done in all caps.

This table shows how specific types of suppliers appear in eProcurement.
Student (non-employee)John Smith
EmployeeSmith, John

Below is the procedure for the supplier setup process.

  1. The department should check within eProcurement to see if their supplier already exists or is currently inactive.
    1. Note: If your supplier is inactive but does exist, please email [email protected].
  2. The department submits a REQ into ePro with the ‘New Vendor Needed’ option selected.
    1. Note: If you feel like your request might be an exception to this step, please email [email protected] to discuss.  If approved by the Purchasing team, please attach the email approval to your PaymentWorks invitation along with the other documents specified in step #4.
  3. The department exports the REQ into a document.
  4. The department submits an invitation in PaymentWorks with the documents shown in the table below attached.
    1. Note: If you have more than one document, they will need to be merged into one. For instructions on how to merge your documents, please refer to Merge Documents by Combining Files in Acrobat.
  5. The department monitors new supplier invitations until they get approved by Procurement and sent to suppliers.

Below is a listing of documents and information needed for each supplier type

This table shows documentation requirements for different classes of suppliers.
Supplier Request Type (Domestic or Foreign)Required Documentation & Information
True Vendor– Quote/Business Justification
– Requisition export attachment
Independent Contractor– Quote/Business Justification
– Requisition export attachment
Reimbursement– Requisition export attachment
Student (Non-Reimbursement Requests)– Email correspondence from Financial Aid ([email protected]) noting student payment can be processed through eProcurement
– Requisition export attachment


Job Aids:

To pay an individual for services, log in into eProcurement and complete the form called “Independent contractor”. Completion of the form will create a requisition. The form should be set up for the length of service you expect to pay the vendor. All new vendors will need to be set up prior to the requisition. Approvals must be completed before any services begin for the University. Note: Beginning 9/1/2019, the Independent Contractor Certification form must be attached to the eProcurement form. 

Common uses of this form include DJs, individual photographers, speakers, honorariums, athletic and tournament coaches, piano repair, art models, bands and facilitators. No companies or employees can be paid on this form.

Since most of the vendors for this activity do not have invoices, Departments must create Cost Receipts when payment is required. Payment Services will then create the invoice based on the receipt.

For questions contact [email protected] or 972-883-2300

Yes, existing suppliers will need to be invited to join PaymentWorks. Vendor Management will send invitations to our existing Suppliers. In the interim until the supplier is onboarded with PaymentWorks, the supplier will still function in PeopleSoft as it has in the past.

This will allow the existing suppliers to make updates to their information on their own through the PaymentWorks supplier portal. It will also allow them to view invoice information related to payments to that particular supplier.

The initiator will receive an email from PaymentWorks when a vendor number has been assigned and the integration process has completed. The initiator will also be able to see the supplier status as complete along with the supplier ID on the onboardings screen as shown below. 

Screen shot highlighting new vendor registration and completion status in PaymentWorks

PaymentWorks does not allow multiple invitations to be sent to a single email address. A previous invite attempt may have been made to the email address being used.

Screen shot highlighting error message in PaymentWorks

Please verify that the payee has checked their spam folder and that the invitation status for the supplier in question shows as ‘Sent’. 

Screen shot highlighting invitation status in PaymentWorks

If you payee did not find the invitation in spam and the status does show as ‘Sent’, you can resend an invitation. To resend invitation:

  • Click the status in the Invitation column.
  • At the bottom of the Invitation Details screen click “Resend Invitation” button.

Screen shot highlighting Resend Invitation button in PaymentWorks

Departments can correct and re-send invitations with the following invitation statuses: Sent, Delivered, Not Deliverable. To re-send invitation with the correct email address:

  • Click on the invitation status.
  • Then click on the ‘Resend Invitation’ button.
  • Enter correct email address under ‘Contact E-Mail’
  • Click on the “Send” button when finished.

Screen shot highlighting Resend Invitation button in PaymentWorks

Screen shot highlighting contact Email and Verify contact Email fields in PaymentWorks


You will receive your Supplier ID once the payee has been approved and sent to PeopleSoft.

Screen shot highlighting New Vendor Registration Status in PaymentWorks

  1. Click on the invitation status.
  2. Then you will want to click on the “Cancel Reminders” button.
  3. A confirmation screen will appear, click on the “OK” button.

Screen shot highlighting Cancel Reminders button in PaymentWorks

Screen shot highlighting Confirmation button in PaymentWorks