Office of Budget and Finance – Organizational Profile

Office of Budget and Finance – Organization Chart

Office of Budget and Finance – Functional Organization Chart

Our Mission:

We deliver customer-focused financial and operational solutions in an innovative, engaging culture.

Our Core Values:

Excellence begins with our Employees. Our commitment to their Well-being, Empowerment, Accountability, Development and Recognition ensures continual adherence to our Shared Values of:

OBF Core values: Service & Partnership, Innovation, Sustainability, Empathy & Respect, Diversity, Integrity, Employee Centricity

Like all schools and divisions, OBF plays a role in implementing UT Dallas’s Strategic Plan. Our efforts fall into four strategic imperatives for the division:

  1. Enable better decision-making processes
  2. Manage risk in order to safeguard University assets while facilitating UTD’s mission
  3. Engage and collaborate with the campus in addressing operational and financial challenges
  4. Expand our capacity to innovate, pursue efficiencies and create value