[email protected] Lecture Series

As UT Dallas has evolved, so has every field of knowledge studied and taught within its walls. The yearlong [email protected] lecture series examined how we have grown to understand our world differently in the four decades since UT Dallas began life as a UT System institution. The 40 events covered a wide variety of subjects and academic disciplines.


Neal LaneNeal Lane "Science and Technology Policy in the Obama Era"

In an event marking the 25th anniversary of Issues in Science and Technology, former presidential science policy director Neal Lane discussed "Science and Technology Policy in the Obama Era."

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Yexiao Xu "Systematic Risk and Idiosyncratic Risk in Stock Investing"

School of Management faculty member Yexiao Xu addressed how conventional thinking about the role of risk versus return in investment has given way to new thinking about the importance of firm-specific risk.

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Peter Petrik "From Behind the Iron Curtain to Membership in the European Union"

School of Management faculty member Peter Petrik, who was raised in what was then known as Czechoslovakia, gave a personal account of the transformation in Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War, and its impact on international business.

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Rachel Croson "The Behavioral Revolution in Economics: How We Make Financial Decisions"Rachel Croson

School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences Professor Rachel Croson explained how the standard model of a rational Economic Man has been challenged by empirical research over the last four decades, revolutionizing our understanding of the field of economics. She demonstrated how this model is applicable to the real world, from designing and communicating compensation plans in corporations to helping individuals make better financial decisions.

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John HoffmanJohn Hoffman "UTD and the Apollo Missions"

Dr. Hoffman, whose research involves the study of planetary atmospheres, has developed scientific instruments for many NASA missions over the last 40 years: from instruments carried on Apollo missions 15, 16, and 17, to the Pioneer Mission to Venus in 1972, and most recently to the Phoenix Mission to Mars in 2008.

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James Carter "UTD and the Apollo Missions"

At NASA's request, Dr. Carter identified the mineral and chemical composition of lunar soil samples provided to him from all Apollo lunar missions, as well as Russian LUNA-20 missions. In 1992, he was contacted again by NASA to produce a synthetic lunar soil for its experiments. Over the years he has produced and shipped more than 50 tons to Houston. His discussion highlighted differences between our Earth and moon.

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Monica EvansA&H faculty member Monica Evans gave the talk "From 'Spacewar!' to Serious Games: 40 Years of Game Studies." The lecture addressed how computer games permeate every facet of our technological lives, from entertainment to art, business, communications, research, education, training and the sciences.

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Richard Scotch[email protected]: EPPS faculty member Richard Scotch discussed "The American Health Care System, 1969-2009." The talk addressed changes in U.S. health care policy over the last 40 years.

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[email protected]: SOM professor Ram Rao gave a lecture, >"Marketing Turns Quantitative." The discussion focused on the revolution in marketing research over the last 40 years, with a focus on the differences the University has made in the field.

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John Gooch[email protected]: A&H faculty member John Gooch gave a talk, "Forty Years of Teaching Writing." The lecture highlighted the major philosophical and theoretical trends in composition studies, as well as identify the contributions of University faculty to the field.

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[email protected]: James Joiner, an SOM faculty member, discussed "Project Management Education in Academia." Joiner gave a history of project management programs at universities, from their early beginnings to now.

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[email protected]: School of Management faculty member Kannan Ramanathan discussed "Quality Management: An Historical Perspective." Ramanathan examined changes in the field of quality management over the past forty years.

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[email protected]: ECS faculty member Ravi Prakash gave a talk titled "ALOHA Dr. Abramson. Could We Eat the Telco's Lunch?: Evolution of Computer Networking." The lecture addressed the first wireless network, the AlohaNet, which was deployed in 1970 and paved the way for the Ethernet protocol.

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[email protected]: NS&M faculty member Wolfgang Rindler gave a lecture titled "How Could the Universe Change So Much in the Last 40 Years?" The talk addressed changes in the field of cosmology over the last 40 years, as well as UT Dallas' contributions to current thinking on the topic.

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[email protected]: A&H faculty member Rainer Schulte gave a talk titled "Translation: A Model for Intercultural Communication." The lecture included an examination of the developmental of translation studies over the last 40 years, with particular reference to the founding of the American Literary Translators Association at UT Dallas.

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[email protected]: Brain and Behavioral Science faculty member Emily Tobey discussed "Hearing Research in the Last Forty Years." Tobey took a look at the field of hearing research with particular reference to the Callier Center.

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[email protected]: EPPS faculty member Ron Briggs will gave the talk "Geospatial Science: From Ph.D. to Google Earth." Briggs discussed how 40 years ago, a person needed a Ph.D. to do what anybody can now do with Google Map and Google Earth.

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[email protected]: School of Arts and Humanities faculty member Theresa Towner presented the development of "Imagined Worlds in the Academy: Oz, Narnia, Hogwarts."

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Alexey Root[email protected]: IS faculty member Alexey Root gave a lecture, "Chess is Now for Children: Changes Over the Past 40 Years." Root's talk addressed the changing demographics of chess during the past four decades, from its beginnings as a game for adults to a game now dominated by children. She gave special emphasis to the role the University has played in the field of chess in education.

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[email protected]: SOM faculty member Mike Peng discussed "Global Competition and the Rise of Asia." The talk focused on China and India, and how they have become "global dynamos" in the last 40 years.

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Alexey Root[email protected]: BBS faculty member Aage Moller addressed "Advances in Neuroscience." The lecture covered fundamental changes during the last 40 years in views about how the brain works.

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[email protected]: Natural Sciences and Mathematics faculty member Mary Urquhart gave a lecture, "To the Moon and Beyond: The Transformation of Our Understanding of the Solar System in the Decades since Apollo 11." Urquhart's talk addressed changes in the field of planetary science since 1969.

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[email protected]: Arts and Humanities faculty member Stephen Rabe discussed "United States Foreign Policy, 1970-2010." Rabe's talk looked at all that has changed since UT Dallas started. The U.S. was bogged down in the Vietnam War, did not have diplomatic relations with China, and confronted the USSR in the divided city of Berlin.

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