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Could We Ever…?

A podcast that shines a light on UT Dallas experts and asks them to tackle questions you never knew you needed answered — from science to art and more.


Episode 8: Could We Ever…
Achieve Gender Equity?

Episode 7: Could We Ever…
Have New Literary Classics?

Episode 6: Could We Ever…
Get Smart About Work?

Episode 5: Could We Ever…
Destigmatize Mental Health Concerns?

Episode 4: Could We Ever…
See Creativity Become Dangerous?

Episode 3: Could We Ever…
Use Science to Fight Crime?

Episode 2: Could We Ever…
Overcome Diet Culture?

Episode 1: Could We Ever…
Have Robotic Surgery Without the Surgeons?

Teaser: Could We Ever…
Start a Podcast?

Ricardo Castrillón BA’17
Danyelle Jordan Gates BA’17

Audio Editor
Sarah Wall BA’19

Paul Bottoni
Brittany Magelssen
Katherine Morales
Phil Roth

Music by Roxanne Minnish MFA’11, senior lecturer in the UT Dallas School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

Artwork by Rachael Drury BA’19

The views expressed on this podcast by the hosts and guests do not reflect the views of The University of Texas at Dallas.