Student Workers

Find and Apply

Student employment opportunities can be found in Handshake, the University Career Center's career services platform. All current students automatically receive a Handshake account once they are enrolled at the University. Once you're in Handshake, finding jobs is easy! Use the "Jobs" section in the toolbar and filter by on-campus, workstudy or any other qualifiers to find just what you're looking for.

It's always best to only apply for jobs you're actually interested in. Just like a full0time position you will need to submit a resume and cover letter and present your best self to the hiring departments. If you need help with your resume or interview skills, book an appointment with our office straight through Handshake.

PLEASE NOTE: On-campus positions listed through the University Career Center are NOT benefit eligible. Benefit eligible positions are handled through the UTD Human Resources Department.

International Students

International students are encouraged to engage in the various student employment opportunities available on campus with the following considerations in mind:

  • International students may work a maximum of twenty (20) hours per week during the fall and spring semesters.
  • International students are not eligible for participation in the Federal Work Study (FWS) Program.
  • International students may work during summer sessions under the guidelines of the Quantity of Work Rule. In other words, a student’s combined course credit hours and work hours may not exceed 40 hours per week.
  • If the summer session is the student’s first semester of enrollment, he/she is not eligible to work.

Required Paperwork

There are a number of documents the Student Employment Office must process in order to ensure student employees are lawfully authorized to work for and be paid by the University. This documentation is required to be completed BEFORE you begin work. University forms required to be completed include:

  • Form I-9 for Employment Eligibility
  • Personal Data Form
  • Selective Service Form
  • DayOne Acknowledgement

Work Study

College work-study is a financial aid program funded by the federal and/or state governments and is awarded to students based upon financial need by the Financial Aid Office. If you qualify for work-study funds, you must obtain a job to utilize the funds. Apply for work-study positions through your Handshake account.

On-campus or off-campus community service employment opportunities may be available for students who have qualified for work-study. If you qualify, you will see available opportunities when you search for Work Study Jobs via your Handshake account.

F-1 Visa Students Please Note: College Work-Study Jobs are available only to US citizens, permanent residents, temporary legal residents, asylees, and refugees; therefore, you are not eligible to apply for any on- or off-campus jobs listed as a work-study.

Employment Verification

To ensure compliance with FERPA, if you are a current or former student employed in a position requiring student status, the University Career Center must receive a signed Verification of Employment form before any employment information is released or verified. For the protection of our employees and the security of information, the University Career Center will not provide employment verification information over the phone without prior authorization from the current or former student employee.

All inquiries about employment verification should be directed to the student employment team.