Student Employment

Effective March 20, 2020, supervisors must determine if remote work is available for a student employee to perform if their position is not required to be on campus.

If the directives to work remotely have altered business needs, your student employees can perform alternative duties such as professional development, training, or remain on-call to take on additional tasks assigned by their department/school or business unit. These alternative duties will allow student employees to be paid while their regular work duties may be limited during this time of crisis.

Student Employment has also reached out to supervisors for information on any students that are unable to work remotely, so they may be added to an official standby pool. The type of work may differ but in times of crisis we all must pitch in and help out wherever necessary. If you have hourly student assistants (excluding RA’s, TA’s and GA’s and stipend students) who were working before the shift to remote but are now unable to do so or have a need for reassigned students to assist in your functional area, please fill out our Standby Worker Form with all relevant information so that our office may make connections where assistance is needed.

Below are additional updates about various student employement related topics. If you cannot find your answer here, please reach out to us at [email protected] for additional assistance.

  • Social Security - although the Social Security Administration is currently closed, international students can mail in their application for a social security number/card which might take up to 30 days to process; this does not prevent international students from working but will delay their ability to be paid.
  • Job Postings - can still be added/approved or can be removed upon request. Hiring managers requesting removal of student job postings in Handshake should contact us.
  • New Hires - as we do not have access to the building to complete in-person onboarding appointments for I-9 Authorization, new hire processing has been suspended. Rehires that have worked for the university previously and completed I-9 Authorization prior may still be processed as usual.
  • Interviews - please know that interviewing can still take place virtually via phone, Microsoft Teams, Interview Stream or other desired software.
  • Remote Work Agreements - please note we are not requiring supervisors to submit formal remote work agreements for student assistants, however we ask you document students’ efforts to a reasonable degree in order to justify hours claimed.
  • Working Hours - all regular student employees (SO9997, SO9996 and SO9992) were allowed to work up to 40 hours per week during spring break (March 15 - 29) since classes were not in session. All regular student employees should have returned to working up to 20 hours per week for the remainder of the spring semester (March 30 - May 15).
  • Orientations - any remaining new hire orientation sessions will be conducted virtually. Students will receive direct invites from Handshake for Student Employment Orientations.
  • Supervisor Trainings - all supervisor trainings scheduled for the rest of the semester will take place virtually via Microsoft Teams. Participants can now register via Calendly for this training. Registration is LEO is no longer required for ease of access.
  • Employment Verifications - these are still being processed in the order they are received. Current students, please remember that additional authorization is required to accept and submit the information for these requests. The sooner we have your authorization, the sooner we may process the request.

Though our physical office is unavailable at this time we can be reached remotely via email at [email protected] and also individually via Microsoft Teams.