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Tuition Plan Comparison

Beginning with the 2018 – 2019 academic year, UT Dallas will offer two different tuition plans for new incoming students. The variable tuition rate plan is based on a traditional plan that only locks tuition rates in for one academic year at a time. The rates on the variable tuition plan are subject to change each academic year.

The guaranteed tuition plan is a plan that locks tuition rates in for four consecutive years and protects the student against increases during those four years. This plan is designed to aid students and families in the budget and planning of college expenses.

All new incoming students will be automatically placed into the variable tuition rate plan, but will have the option to lock in their tuition rates for four consecutive years with the guaranteed tuition plan. To choose your tuition plan please login to EZPAY. The consent agreement will appear once you login. You will have one of three choices:

  • I want to remain on the default Variable Tuition Rate plan
  • I want to be enrolled into the 2018 – 2019 Guaranteed Tuition Plan
  • Skip (This means you are not actively making a tuition plan decision at this time, but will be defaulted into the variable tuition rate plan. You will only have until December 31, 2018 to login to EZPAY to change your tuition plan or you will be locked into the variable tuition rate for the duration of your time at UT Dallas.)

The deadline to make a tuition plan choice is December 31, 2018. No changes can be made to your tuition plan once you make a decision or once the deadline has passed, so please choose carefully.

Note: Students eligible to receive a full university tuition scholarship such as the Academic Excellence, McDermott, National Merit or RA/TA scholarship or students receiving a state exemption that covers full tuition, will automatically be placed into the guaranteed tuition plan as they are not responsible for payment of their tuition.

The following grid is an example of tuition expenses, comparing the variable tuition rate plan and the guaranteed tuition plan for a new incoming undergraduate resident student. The example enrollment is for 15 hours per semester.

New Incoming Student for the Academic Year: 2018-2019 Guaranteed Tuition Plan Variable Tuition Rate Description of Calculation: Based on 120-hour degree plan for an undergraduate resident student taking 15 hours for 8 semesters
(fall and spring sessions)
Semester 1 $6,744 $6,517 Current Rate
Semester 2 $6,744 $6,517
Semester 3 $6,744 $6,721 Based on approved 3.1% Variable Tuition Rate increase for fall 2019
Semester 4 $6,744 $6,721
Semester 5 $6,744 $6,929 Assuming an estimated 3.1% increase in the Variable Tuition Rate
Semester 6 $6,744 $6,929
Semester 7 $6,744 $7,144 Assuming an estimated 3.1% increase in the Variable Tuition Rate
Semester 8 $6,744 $7,144
TOTAL SUM $53,952 $54,622 Assuming an estimated 3.1% increase in the Variable Tuition Rate