Taiwan Studies Program

The groundwork for the Taiwan Studies Program was laid in September 2017 by an agreement between UT Dallas and The Department of International and Cross-Strait Education of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

The goal of the Taiwan Studies Program at UT Dallas is to further promote Taiwan-related scholarly work and intellectual exchanges on business, economics, and cross-cultural understanding

Taiwan Studies Course

UT Dallas will increase the number of undergraduate and graduate courses with a Taiwan focus. The Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas will develop and offer a Taiwan-related course at the undergraduate or graduate level as part of the International Management and Global Business program. This course will cover such topics as Commercial Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Business in Taiwan, in the broader context of the global economy, international business, global strategy, global e-business marketing, international marketing, and international strategic management.


The Greater Dallas Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Scholarship/Fellowship was established for undergraduate or graduate students.  Among equally qualified applicants, a preference may be given to applicants who has completed all or part of his/her preparatory education in Taiwan; has a connection to Taiwan or is active in the Taiwanese Student Association. A minimum award of $1,000 per year may be given and cannot be combined with any other forms of financial aid. This scholarship will be awarded on a competitive basis by a committee duly appointed by the president of UT Dallas.

Internship Program | Wenzzo University 

The University of Texas at Dallas Asia Center has established a signature program allowing for overseas internship opportunities. The internship program provides opportunities for professional growth, for students to increase their language abilities, and for interaction with diverse student groups in a supportive environment. The intent of the program is to increase student academic success and professional readiness.

UT Dallas Taiwanese Student Association Leadership Conference

The Asia Center at the University of Texas at Dallas has provided support for eight internships. Since 2013, the program has positively impacted the professional development of students from Wenzao Ursuline University. Students accepted to the program complete a 6-month internship at the Asia Center and are required to engage in specific activities intended to apply and to connect classroom learning to a professional setting.